About the Law Firm


“Medina Abogados” was founded by Pablo Medina Magallanes in 1991, in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco; developing its practice in the area of private law litigation (Civil and Commercial), but specializing in the practice of insurance law litigation, area that has been its main activity.

This firm has been from the beginning, a smart alternative option for counsel advice and analysis of insurance policies, reinsurance problems and in handling of casualty’s and claims.

Moreover, the firm counts with an experienced and skilled area of litigation, for the case that is necessary to request judicial authorities, both domestic and federal courts, to resolve the disputes in the areas of civil, commercial and part of this one, the specialized area of insurance law.

The members of this firm have been assisting for years as reinsurance consultants; external attorneys of insurance companies, and attorneys of insured persons, being sponsors nowadays of hundreds of trials. 


Since its foundation, honesty has been our main value, value that has allowed us to have synergy with a great amount of companies and physical persons who shares our firm beliefs that the result without an ethical conduct, only has the effect to sink our country more. That’s why we are willing to face any authority who intend to make out of justice a business, and we have achieved excellent results with the help of many other authorities in every level who shares this beliefs.

That’s why we have a Value and Ethic Code that governs our professional exercise and that contemplates:

• Honesty 
• Expertize or skills
• Aggressiveness
• Team work

• Study
• Professionalism
• Respect
• Results

Services offered

The legal services that we offer are of two kind:

1.- Precautionary:

Focus on legal advisory to achieve the most appropriate contract terms, and by this way diminish the risk of disagreements or in the worst scenario that comes necessary go to trials, to establish previously the best elements and bases to face the case.

In this stage, we have to point out the relevance of being properly advice since the beginning of a casualty event; the claim; the conciliation administrative stages until the judicial procedure; with the purpose that the process shall be expeditious and efficient, but without losing sight of the law and technical aspects that shape the success of every case. 

2.- Corrective measures: 

In the event of non-compliance of the obligations acquired, the analysis of the case, the planning of an strategy to follow, and the filing of the case before the judicial courts, both domestic and federal, or in special cases before arbitration, conciliation or mediation courts.

In this area, we handle litigation cases in the areas of civil and commercial law, nevertheless is the area of Insurance Law and litigation were we have highlighted, area were most of our clients, contraries or competitors have recognized us, because we have been involved in this specialized law area for over two decades, we have participation in dogmatic or doctrinal aspects, academic and practical contributions, also giving advisory to insurance agents, reinsurance agents, Insurance Companies, Reinsurance Companies and of course insured persons.

Our offices

Contact us

City of Guadalajara, Mexico 
Pompeya 3047, Colonia Lomas de Providencia,
C.P. 44647, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

Phone. +52 (33) 3642 7764

Email: nmilanes@medinaabogados.com.mx

International Partnerships

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BrasilErnesto Tzirulnik Advocacia (ETAD) 
ChileInfante Valenzuela Molina y Cía.
Costa Rica: FINLEX  
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