Insurance law

The insurance law contract is the only one in México that has its own regulation, while being part of commercial law, it implies a high level of specialization that only a few Mexican attorneys have these days. This law firm was founded by one of them, who has been actively part of domestic and international forums; being also an academic; author of a book in this area; columnist in different International Magazines, and has over 26 years of experience on counsel and litigation, having participation in hundreds of cases in any kind of insurance dispute.

Additionaly, this firm count with associates attorneys who have years of educational background, field expertise and specialized skills, so they now offers world level advisory, and that is because, we not only understands our client, but we also have knowledge of their products, thereby, we can offer solutions to the disputes that arise from them in their different fields, such as:

1. People Insurance (Life insurance, Health care Insurance, Personal accidents Insurance, etc).
2. Damages Insurance (Civil Liability, Civil tort Liability, Bank Insurance, Aeronautic Insurance, Shipping Insurance, Constructions Insurances, Fire and flood legal liability insurance, etc.)

Within the area of insurance we know and understand since the interpretation and suitability of an insurance contract (Insurance Policy); the rights and obligation of the parties; the scope of the coverage and its exceptions; and certainly, the best way to manage the process of an insurance claim and the imminent filing of the legal claim to the different forums and authorities.

Civil and Commercial Litigation.

Focus essentially in the legal framework in the business of our clients, the Firm advices and sponsor relevant cases on Banking law, Bonds, Corporate Structures, Civil and Commercial Contracts, among others related.

Although is no good for anybody getting into a lawsuit, the best scenario is getting to it assisted by specialized attorneys, committed with the value of honesty, who are aware that being honest compels us to act harder and increase our tenacity and studying, in order to obtain the best results for our clients.

Conscious that the financial cost of a court litigation increases over time, even though the actions taken are filed with the clear purpose of winning, the Firm encourages an environment that allow our clients to have options in their cases, looking forward this options may come as an alternative that stablish a better position to negotiate, or continue with the process with the real expectations of achieving the desired results.

The same in arbitral or judicial courts, on domestic and federal courts, in all different stages and by every means of action or defense, our Firm counts with vast experience to encourage the full compliance of the obligations acquired by the parties.

Transactional, Contract and Corporate Advisory

The best dispute is the one that never shows up, and the most accurate way for avoiding any dispute or trial, is by implementing our advice since the negotiation and contract, from what we have learned on Trials. Unlike other law firms, we are deeply informed of our clients business, therefore we are aware of the sensitive issues, which one are conflictive and were we have to pay especial attention. That’s why our legal advisory involves:

Products review.
Legal advice in Contracts.
Legal advice in casualties and claims previous any judicial action.

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